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Historic Site - PMQ

The original campus of the Central School was established at Gough Street, north of Hollywood Road. Dr. Sun Yat-sen studied at the school in 1884. In 1889, the School was relocated to a site at the junction of Aberdeen Street and Hollywood Road. In 1894, the Central School was further renamed as Queen’s College, and the name stayed until today. The school buildings at Hollywood Road were severely damaged during the World War II and was rebuilt as the first Police Married Quarters for married junior police officers, which was left unused since 2000.

In October 2009, the Former Hollywood Road Police Married Quarters was included as one of the eight projects implemented by the Development Bureau, to be preserved under the “Conserving Central” of the Policy Address. In November 2010, the site was transformed into a creative industries landmark named “PMQ”, thereby creating a new platform and instilling power in Hong Kong’s creative industries.

Liang Yi Museum

In the 1980s and 1990's, Sheung Wan was the spot for anyone looking to buy a Ming dynasty southern official's chair, or a mid-Qing kang table made of the finest zitan. It is fitting then, that Liang Yi Museum – a private museum that houses not one, but two, of the world's finest collections of antiques - opened on 181 Hollywood Road in 2014.

The four-storey museum is home to one of the world's largest and best-curated collections of Chinese antique furniture, made of the treasured materials huanghuali and zitan, from the Ming and Qing dynasties. Started in the 1980s with many of the earlier pieces purchased right here on Hollywood Road, the collection has grown to over 300 pieces three decades later. Selected pieces have been exhibited in other museums, primarily the National Museum of History in Taiwan. With the opening of the Liang Yi Museum, this magnificent trove of Chinese antique furniture will return home and be shown in rotating exhibitions, all curated to highlight the many facets and delights of this bygone furniture-making tradition.

Like AKVO Hotel itself, Liang Yi Museum is a blend of East and West. For those interested in Chinese antiques, the furniture will enthrall. However, for those curious about European history, the Museum also houses the world's premier collection of bejeweled clutches, compacts and powder boxes. Made in the finest design houses such as Cartier, Boucheron and Van Cleef & Arpels, these necessaries and minaudieres, glittering with precious stones and showing exquisitely detailed craftsmanship, were once a staple of every lady's evening wear. With nearly 400 examples from the late 1880's through to the 1960's, this dazzling collection provides an elegant peek at a bygone era and has been lent out to other museums in the past, including the Palace Museum in Beijing and Goldsmiths Hall in London; but will finally have their permanent home here at the Liang Yi Museum.

Shun Tak HK-Macau Ferry Terminal

Planning a trip to Macau? AKVO Hotel is conveniently located 10 minutes walking distance across from the Shun Tak Hong Kong Macau Ferry Terminal.


Directly connected to the MTR Sheung Wan Station, the Terminal provides facilities including Macau Tourism, Travel agencies, retail shops, Dining and Restaurant, banks and hourly / monthly car park.

With ferries departing every 15 minutes daily from 07:00 - 23:59, and every 30 minutes from 00:30 to 2:30; visitors are free to plan their journey to fit their own best schedules. There are also 2 special ferry departures at 04:15 and 06:00.

*All venue descriptions copied and paraphrased from their respective websites. All rights owned by their respective owners.

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